Scaryoke: 5 ingredients for the perfect Halloween karaoke party

This is Halloween, this is Halloween,
Everybody make a scream!

Oops, we mean sing! Everybody sing!

Skip the eye of a newt and bones of a frog, a potion of KaraFun mixed with some other elements will make your 31st as sweet as a trick-or-treater's candy basket.

Here are 5 ingredients for a frightfully delightful Scaryoke party!


What happened in September?

119 songs in Karaoke Version were added to KaraFun during the month of September. Discover Closer, To Sir With Love or Side to Side already available on KaraFun.

Discover the top tracks added in Karaoke Song below!

Tip of the month: discovering the latest releases

The KaraFun catalog is constantly updated meaning there's always something new to sing! At the end of each month, KaraFun publishes its latest additions, but with more than 28,000 it's possible that they may be going unnoticed.

In this month's Tip of the Month, we'll show you where to keep your eyes peeled so that you'll never miss a beat!


Karaoke game: Next Lines

Played in karaoke bars and living rooms worldwide, the Next Lines game is a classic. This old-time favorite tests your music aptitude while adding that extra kick to your karaoke party.

Lot of variations are possible, but the basic rules remain the same. Test your knowledge of the lyrics until there is one remaining Next Lines King and Queen.
How to play? Stop the music randomly and the player must recite the next lines. Turn up the heat by testing different genres, lesser known songs or artists, adding rounds...

Get prepped to don the crown of Next Lines with these 8 songs:


KaraFun for iPhone and iPad. Now better, stronger and made for you!

KaraFun is back and ready to take on all of your karaoke parties with our newest, completely updated and freshly designed application for iPhone and iPad.

Behind its modern revamping and its appealing new looks, this version offers you themed playlists, a little ditty with background music and lots more options that makes it even better than before.

But let’s give the app the mic...