Sing Disney songs and enjoy an intergenerational karaoke!

Getting together as a family is always an opportunity to dust off your mics (or anything that looks like one) to sing a little after a hearty meal! No need for a nap or a walk outside, with KaraFun your TV becomes a karaoke screen. You'll have a good time and you might even get a workout out of it!

What’s better than a Disney playlist to get everyone together? The Disney Universe will take children and adults on musical adventures in duet or solo. From “Encanto” to “The Lion King” to “Frozen”, let’s go over the best soundtracks you can sing during your family karaoke!

The worldwide success of Encanto

Encanto", the latest Disney Studio production, tells the adventures of a Colombian family with extraordinary powers. “The Family Madrigal” recounts their adventures and it is this original soundtrack that led to the success of the animated film.

One song that really stood out wasWe Don’t Talk About Bruno”. It rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart and even dethroned Adele! It hadn’t happened to a Disney song in almost 30 years (the last one was Aladdin's“A Whole New World”). A few weeks after its release, the 60th Disney movie created the buzz on social networks. Internet users started to create dances and cosplays using songs and characters from “Encanto”. New classic songs to sing at your karaoke!

It isn't Disney's first hit song

There are numerous hits produced by Disney, but let’s have a look at their TOP 5 greatest hits, available and translated in KaraFun to be sung around the world:

  • "Beauty and the Beast" in "Beauty and the Beast" (1991): a song during which the two characters are dancing a fairytale waltz, evoking the beginning of love.
  • "A Whole New World" in "Aladdin" (1993): translated into 7 languages, this duo between Jasmine and Aladdin is sung during their romantic flight on the magic carpet..
  • "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" in "The Lion King" (1994): ballad composed by Sir Elton John, who received an Academy Award for Best Original Song as well as a Golden Globe the following year.
  • "Colors of the Wind" in "Pocahontas" (1995): a touching tale sung by the heroine, in which the young Native American woman talks about her culture to John Smith, a British navigator who came to colonize the “New World”.
  • "Let It Go" in "Frozen" (2013): available in 10 languages, this liberating chorus needs no introduction, it is sung by kids and grown-ups the world over. By the way, this song is available in mandarine, with ideograms and phonograms!

Our Disney playlist is available in many languages and counts over 100 songs: More than enough to take you back to your favorite cartoons for the duration of a song, or two, or three! In solo or in duo, Disney hits are karaoke classics. So don’t wait any longer and discover the latest hits of "Encanto" in French, English and Spanish. Time to grab the Mic!

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 47,000!

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