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  • All songs
  • Offline Sync
  • Create your playlists
  • Customize singers’ volumes, key and tempo


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  • Includes commercial licence
  • Permanent QR Code
  • Advanced interface customization

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$ 9.99 (USD) / month
$ 49 (USD) / month
100% ad-free singing
Studio quality
Each song is recorded by professional musicians and engineers to ensure you get the highest quality to sing along and have fun!
Premium catalog
Community shared songs
Your favorite song is not part of the catalog? No worries, you can check if a member from our community has shared it. You can also add it so that the community can have as much fun as you do!
Offline catalog
Keep our entire catalog on your computer to play offline anytime.
Up to 1,000 offline songs
Custom key & tempo
Customize vocals volume
Change the singer name
Customize the name of the singer displayed on screen before the karaoke starts.
Remote control from your phone
Background music
Create your playlists
Add songs to your favorites
Automatic catalog updates
60,000 karaoke songs in many genres to get everyone to sing! And 400+ new songs added each month to your app automatically.
Manage queue
Send photos
To make your experience even more friendly, share photos during your karaoke party. They will appear directly under the lyrics.
Licence for public venues
KaraFun Pro includes the Rights to perform the Masters (recordings embodying original compositions) in connection with synchronized lyrics for the licensed catalog. You remain responsible for making any and all payments related to Public performance royalties. Please contact your local Performing Rights Organization (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC in the USA, PRS in the UK, GEMA in Germany) directly for more information.
Customizable scrolling banner
Customizable logo
Customize and professionalize your application with your own logo to enhance your brand image.
Permanent QR Code
Keep the same QR code for all sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

KaraFun is a karaoke subscription that offers a catalog of roughly 60,000 songs as well as the best apps to sing.

We provide a streaming service, meaning you don't have to store each karaoke individually on your computer, all you need is our apps to enjoy this service and to sing as long as your subscription is active.

The Monthly Subscription that you pick on our website and that is paid by card via PayPal is renewed automatically every month unless you decide otherwise. However, if you choose to pay via the AppStore or the Play Store, we cannot automatically renew your subscription each month.

Want to cancel your subscription ? It is quick and easy ! All you have to do is log into your account on our website and stop your subscription with one click.

Of course, if you change your mind, you can reactivate it anytime from the same page.

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription starts as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Can I use my Premium Subscription offline?

KaraFun works even if you don't have an active internet connection. Awesome! You can keep the groove going on the go, or even when your internet connection lets you down right before the guests get here.

Just make sure you are using one of our apps, and sync the songs you want to keep offline. It's that easy!

Here's how:

If you're using an app that's not listed above, chances are you cannot sync songs offline. Feel free to install one of our apps to get the best experience with KaraFun.

Please remember this feature is only available for our subscribed customers (Monthly Subscription).

How much does it cost?

The unlimited subscription is available at $ 9.99 / month.

There's no other charge, everything is included.

Each offer comes with:
  • KaraFun Player: the most downloaded karaoke player for Windows (10,000,000 downloads)
  • KaraFun Online: the online karaoke player
  • KaraFun Mobile: the most versatile karaoke player for smartphones and tablets

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply login and go to "My account", then click on "Manage subscription and payments".

Finish by clicking on "Cancel my KaraFun subscription".

That's it!

What do I get with the free version?

The free version of KaraFun offers you access to 30-second samples of each song, accessible from KaraFun Player, KaraFun Online and KaraFun Mobile.

A subscription removes this limitation, and gives you unlimited access to the entire catalog.

Click here to discover our subscription offers

Is there any obligation?

No, there is no obligation with KaraFun, and you are free to cancel whenever you like.

What is covered by KaraFun Professional plans?

Are you are a professional? If so, then we have the best subscription for you!

If you want to use KaraFun for a public event, or as part of your business, a KaraFun Pro license is the right solution for you.

Our Professional subscription includes all the benefits of a general public subscription as well as:

  • The ability to sync our entire catalog offline
  • The use of a custom logo
  • Priority access to technical support (your requests are processed on a priority basis, Monday to Friday during business hours)
  • The ability to add a scrolling banner showing what the next songs are as well as a personalized message.
The use of a general public subscription as a professional or for a public event violates our Terms of Services as well as the copyrights.

The KaraFun Professional subscriptions cover the rights related to sound recording (what you can hear) as well as the synchronized lyrics for the catalog under license (by default). If you choose to use the extended catalog, then the rights management has to be done directly with the rights holders and we cannot do it on your behalf.

In all cases, you will need an additional license for public performance rights. Please contact your local organization (SACEM in France) for more information.

To subscribe, it's very simple: you just need to click here.

Do I need to sync offline tracks again if I unsubscribe / subscribe again?

Your subscription hold means your offline files will not be available.

For our Android and Apple applications, your offline files will be saved for the next time you sign up for any subscription. The Windows application requires that you resync the songs, but not to worry, this should be faster to do than the first time as your computer stores the files in cache.

Note: Uninstalling the application, updates or cleaning of your device, or a change in session (logging into a different account from the same device) may cause you to need to resync your offline files. Make sure as well that you have adequate space on your device as each synced song requires 5MB.

With a Monthly Subscription, you can sync up to 1,000 tracks offline whereas our professional users can sync the entire song catalog offline.

Which KaraFun subscription is best for me?

Is your voice sufficiently warmed-up? Ready for the KaraFun experience? Before getting started, you'll need to pick the offer that will best suit your needs: