Live from KaraFun

KaraFun, your friendly vacation companion!

Riddle us this…. Anywhere you go, it goes. On vacation, it’s always with you. It's hard to lose and won't make a peep unless you want it to. It makes the entire family happy (including your angsty teenager). What is it?

No, it’s not Fluffy, your loyal Maltese puppy. We’re talking KaraFun: the go-with-you-anywhere, fun-lovin’, reliable karaoke singing application!

Out of the question to stop singing just because it’s summer. You’re not condemned to karaoke abstinence just because the sun is shining nor will you need to dip into your savings for a trip to Japan to soak in the history of karaoke. No more limitations. KaraFun goes where you go!

We've compiled a list of all you need to know to get the most out of KaraFun while on summer vacation.

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Yes, women can: a girl-power playlist

You feel that? The winds of change? As summer approaches, women's magazines often boast the merits of the latest kale smoothie or carrot leaf diet to make you pounds lighter and bikini-body ready.
But this time, we're talking about record breaking attendance at the Women's World Cup, NASA's commitment to send women to the moon, the return of the Spice Girls, of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, and so many more. So, high-time, we too celebrate women with a little playlist in hommage!

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10 Fun Facts about karaoke that you might have missed

Since the seventies, karaoke’s been spreading as quickly as wildfire and seducing singers far beyond the island of Japan where it was born. It’s become a real social phenomenon and claims the title of the most popular cultural practice in the world.

Karaoke fans that we are, we think we know a thing or two about our favorite past time, but, here are a few fun facts that you might have missed.

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Reunion Tours: taking us back

They marked our childhood and adolescence, just like MTV, tube socks, dial-up internet, pinball machines or the orange formica furniture in the kitchen. They are the musical heroes of our past, to whom we listened on our 8 tracks, Walkmans and CD players. And just like fashion gets repeated, so do these artists! They're back! ABBA, the The Cure, Kiss, Spice Girls ... 2019 is going to be radical dude! Wait, what?! We don't say radical anymore? ;)
Expect to be hearing about the comeback of these artists in 2019!

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