Karaoke, the trend that always was?

Karaoke has always been a Friday night activity, an after-work way to clear your head and have a good time with colleagues, friends, family,... or even the random person next to you. But, unlike its current popularity, karaoke hasn’t always been trendy (even if singing itself never once went out of style).

Let's take a look at karaoke and its trend throughout history.


Tip of the Month: updating personal information

If the username diva1972 just isn’t working for you anymore and you’ve got the urge to change it to karaokeloverforever, doing so on our site is simple. The same goes for email, password, contact info, etc.

Read on to learn how to change the information on your account.


What happened in August?

137 songs in Karaoke Video files were added to KaraFun during the month of August. Discover Mamma Mia, Fernando or High Hopes already available on KaraFun.

Discover the top tracks added in Karaoke Version below!

Essential elements for organizing a karaoke party

You’re the one people call chatty, welcoming to the extreme and so with great enthusiasm, you call up your friends and invite them to what is sure to become an awesome karaoke party.
But, when the time comes, you reluctantly realize that you're not completely certain of what you’ll need for the party apart from your good intentions and peppy spirit. Don’t panic, KaraFun is here to remind you of the necessary, albeit predictable, essentials.


Tip of the Month: payment options

Last month, in our Tip of the Month series we took a look at subscription options and renewals. This month, we'll have a look at how to go about signing up for a subscription and all available payment options. Let's get to it!