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TV games to recreate at your next karaoke party

Are you the friend that never misses the opportunity to make the 'em laugh? Great! Do you possess a sports-announcer-like enthusiasm and have a geek's passion for games? Double great! Are you, on top of it all, a big fan of karaoke (logical if you’re reading our blog)? Triple great! We’ve thought up the perfect side job for you: karaoke game host!

Here are some game ideas, straight from TV, to help you sprinkle that extra little bit of excitement needed for your new role as karaoke game host at your next karaoke party!

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Tip of the Month: add singer's name

You're throwing a karaoke party and thanks to the remote feature, singers are adding songs directly to the queue from their smartphones and all's going swimmingly.... until, Jack and John both take the stage at the same time, ready to sing "Red Red Wine," insisting it's their respective turn.

The rendition quickly turns into a duet so no harm no foul, but this slight mishap could have been avoided simply by activating the feature "Ask singer's name when adding to queue"! Read on to learn how this works.

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