Karaoke songs with unforgettable dance moves

Just as some songs entertain the ears, others entertain the eyes and become classics thanks not to the music but rather their illustrious dances.
Sometimes it’s an innovative dance move, sometimes wild gesticulation that makes the dance become more popular than the song. Whatever it may be, here are five songs with infamous dance moves that will be passed on to posterity.

Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp (1962)

Dee Dee Sharp was the first to make reference to this dance in 1962, which gained popularity in the wake of the twist popularized just the year before by Chubby Checker and his "Let's Twist Again." Great flexibility in the ankles is required for this dance as your ankles will certainly take a beating by the permanent twists required to gracefully execute this song. A sense of rhythm is also essential, less risk of appearing completely ridiculous.

Lambada - Kaoma (1989)

During the summer of 1989, the world was subject to the "Lambada" of Kaoma, and in particularly to the dance that summoned the sun and sizzling sensuality with glued-tight bodies and suggestive hip movements. Despite adult-like sensuality, Chico and Roberta help interpret the song (the first becoming a Protestant priest and the second a veterinarian).

Macarena - Los Del Rio (1995)

A worldwide success in 1995, the "Macarena" from Los Del Rio owes its choreography to dancer Mia Frye. It quickly became very popular because of its easy moves. All that is required is to move the pelvis more or less in rhythm, then to reach out, lifting your hands to your shoulders, behind your head, then on the hips and finally on the buttocks, all the while gesticulating in circular movement before making a small jump like a goat and finally reproducing the sequence to infinity.

Gangnam Style - PSY (2012)

Genius of the absurd, the Korean singer PSY has managed to impose his song on the world but even more the choreography that goes with it. The dance moves were originally intended to be themed around animals such as the panda or kangaroo, but the singer soon realized that the horse allowed movements much more fluid and funny. It’s enough to gallop in place, firmly holding the reins of your invisible but faithful steed, to turn and throw a lasso and finally to gallop laterally. Dramatically effective, the choreography gave rise to flash mobs for many months after its release around the world.

Y.M.C.A. - Village People (1978)

The hardest thing to do after the choreography of "Y.M.C.A.," the disco dance invented by the Village People, is to gather an Indian, a policeman, a soldier, a cowboy, a construction worker and a biker, and ask them to gesticulate like traffic controllers on an airport runway. The song refers to the Young Men's Christian Association, an all-male Christian youth movement until the 1970s, and became an emblem of gay culture, from which the group emerged.

Asereje (The Ketchup Song) - Las Ketchup (2003)

International hit of the summer of 2003, "Asereje (The Ketchup Song)" owes as much to the effectiveness of its melody in "jackhammer" mode as to the childlike simplicity of its choreography. Once the four main movements have been carefully studied, it can be recreated by dancers aged 7 to 77. The funny thing is that despite being able to make the moves on the dance floor, the general public was not able to hum the lyrics of the song, that reached Number One in 26 countries.

Duck Dance - J.J. Lionel (1980)

A festive song par excellence, "The Dance of the Ducks" was a massive success in Europe in 1983, selling more than 2.5 million copies. This piece composed by Swiss accordionist Werner Thomas, however, dates from 1957 and has been adapted in dozens of languages. The huge popularity of JJ Lionel's version is mainly due to its festive aspect, greatly conveyed by a childish choreography and simple movements of flapping his hands, while vigorously moving the butt and legs. And even if you think about it, we'd bet that you've never seen a duck with hands, arms or legs.

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