KaraFun, your friendly vacation companion!

Riddle us this…. Anywhere you go, it goes. On vacation, it’s always with you. It's hard to lose and won't make a peep unless you want it to. It makes the entire family happy (including your angsty teenager). What is it?

No, it’s not Fluffy, your loyal Maltese puppy. We’re talking KaraFun: the go-with-you-anywhere, fun-lovin’, reliable karaoke singing application!

Out of the question to stop singing just because it’s summer. You’re not condemned to karaoke abstinence just because the sun is shining nor will you need to dip into your savings for a trip to Japan to soak in the history of karaoke. No more limitations. KaraFun goes where you go!

We've compiled a list of all you need to know to get the most out of KaraFun while on summer vacation.

I’m taking my laptop with me on vacation.

  • Find us online via our ergonomic, intuitive and newly updated web player.
  • More Mac or Windows oriented? No need to take sides, you can also download the application for either one.

I’m traveling light, just with my phone or tablet.

I’ve rented a home away from home and a big screen TV awaits.

Enjoy the comfort of navigating on your TV screen with Apple TV, KaraFun Android TV available on Androidtv or via the Firetv Stick, available on the Amazon Appstore.

Or if you choose the good ol' fashioned cable route, here's a TV hook up how-to.

Darn it! I booked a cabin in the woods and won’t have WiFi!

All’s good in the woods! Access KaraFun and sing even if you don't have internet connection. Synchronize your favorites songs on directly to your device. More information here.

Wait a minute, I can organize an outdoor-in-the-woods karaoke?!

Absolutely! No need to choose between the karaoke party and an evening under the stars! Your device, a projector (optional), a large projection screen (bed sheets work wonders) and KaraFun with your songs offline is all you'll need. More ideas here.

I'm leaving tomorrow, I don’t have time to make a playlist...

No problemo, we've concocted some playlists for the occasion that bring the sun and the cicadas to you:

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 44,000!

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