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Vocal Match

Your voice is unique!

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Find your song match!

Record your voice to find the perfect songs for you!

KaraFun Vocal Match analyses and matches your voice against thousands of karaoke songs to find your best matches! Discover if your next song is a hit or a skip!

Discover your vocal range and sing your top matches!


Start Vocal Match

Open KaraFun on Apple or Android and tap “Vocal Match” under “My Songs”. Make sure there's no noise around for best results. All you need is your device, no additional equipment required!

Belt it out!

Record your voice for a few seconds, starting from low to high. Stay natural and be cool, you can restart anytime.

Mic drop! Discover your vocal matches!

Sing it or skip it? We'll score your voice against any song in our catalog so you know exactly where your voice will shine bright like a diamond.

Try Vocal Match for free today!