10 articles to get you prepped for your next karaoke


Your guests arrive in two hours and it's time to start setting up the karaoke! You're checking things off right and left from your To-do list: download app (check!), connect to account (check!), prepare the song queue with the our pre-made playlists (check!). But now that you are facing TV cables, microphone hook ups and the potential stage fright of your guests... the stress mounts.

Stay cool, karaoke cucumber, here is a recap of 10 useful articles to help you easily get set up and make the most of your karaoke party!

  1. Essential elements for organizing a karaoke party
  2. Hooking up a TV or second screen
  3. Using KaraFun without internet
  4. Printing and editing the song catalog
  5. Most commonly asked questions on KaraFun
  6. Browsing the song catalog from a smartphone
  7. Which kind of singer are you? And which songs should you sing?
  8. Songs and tips for singing duets
  9. 5 tips to overcome karaoke stage fright
  10. TV games to recreate at your next karaoke party

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